The Sinister laughter

Concurso de Relatos de MedoMichael Adams and Lily Sherbasky, two lovers who were on their honeymoon were going to a last hotel in the Irish mountains.

Michael was a citizen of the United States, he was an architect who had designed the building of GNB (Goliat National Bank) it was a beautiful building with a garden on the roof and a brilliant façade. Lily was a famous newsreader at the seventh channel. She was born in Canada but when she was seven years her father died so she and her mother moved to the United States.

Let’s get back to the story; Michael an Lily arrived at the hotel. It was rustic but very luxurious inside, at the hotel there was only one person, the old porter. He welcomed the lovers and he went to their rooms with them, the room number thirteen.

That night, Lily went for a walk around the hotel while Michael was in the village nearby to buy his medicine.

Suddenly, Lily heard a sinister laughter near her, she turned around and saw a horrific shadow in the next corridor, she walked towards the laughter and she noticed a room’s door open and so she entered the rooms. She saw the porter’s corpse cut in half and heard the horrific laugh again.

Michael arrived at the hotel very late and as he was going to his room, he noticed an other door open and he went into it. He also found the porter’s corpse on the floor and the light of the bathroom turned on.

When he came into the bathroom, he saw Lily in the bath which was full of blood. Lily was dead! Before he could even scream, he heard a sinister laugh and then, felt a cold knife on his neck…


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