Freddy Krueger

Concurso de Relatos de MedoLast year, my friend Samantha and I were on summer holiday in a campsite. We decided go to a party all night with some friends to meet new people. It was a fancy dress party, and we were dressed as rabbits, we looked funny.

When the party finished, Samantha and I felt terribly bad. We had drunk too much at the party. To return home, we decided to go though the fields. It was dark. Suddenly, we heard a few steps, so we got scared and started to run but then Freddy Krueger appeared before us.

We fled through the farmland, but my friend Samantha ran into a stone. I tried to help her however, if I stayed there for a short time, Freddy would reach me and kill me. It was hard to see something in the dark of night, so I ran towards the only light that I could see.

Every time I head a cream it seemed to me that something was scratching on my back.

I was running for several days and finally, I am looked in a room where all is white. All this night mare was one of my usual follies.


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